Migration Planning Levels for 20/21 Financial Year as a result of COVID – 19 pandemic


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Budget has been deferred until 4 October 2020. This has significant implications for all government departments dependent on the financial allocations made as part of the Budget decisions, including the Department of Home Affairs. An economic and fiscal update is due to be provided by the Treasurer on 23rd  July 2020.

It is expected that the Department of Home Affairs will consider changes to the Migration Program Planning Levels for 2020-21, due to the COVID-19 situation and consequent higher levels of unemployment within the Australian labour market.

Migration numbers and state/territory nomination places have also been affected, as well as potential changes to the occupation lists for state nominated independent visas.

In the interim, the Department of Home Affairs has advised that the 2019-20 Migration Program settings will remain in place until further notice, and is expected to also shortly announce how state/territory nominations will be managed in the lead up to the October Budget.

State and Territory Migration Programs


The General Skilled Migration (GSM) program for the 2019/20 financial year has now closed.

The State and Territories nomination program will remain temporarily CLOSED until the Commonwealth Government allocates state nomination places for the 2020-21 period. State & Territory governments therefore have no ability to nominate applicants in visa subclass 190 or visa subclass 491 at present. We will advise when this situation changes.

The Business visa program applications requiring state or territory nominations, are also closed in all states and territories, although Western Australia has not confirmed this on its website.

While the Immigration South Australia website states that the allocation will be made to the States and Territories in early August 2020, this has not been confirmed by the Department.

Adrian Felton

Migration Consultant (MARN:0105680)

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