For employers based in the Blue Mountains in NSW, the Department of Home Affairs has announced that the Central West Regional Development Authority has been appointed as the RCB for this regional area.

Please note that it is a requirement for the 494 visa, that the sponsoring company gain a positive assessment from relevant RCB.


A reminder that Labour Agreements can be negotiated with the Department of Home Affairs for a number of visas, particularly the TSS (482) visa programme.

This can allow a company to access occupations that may not be normally eligible for this visa, if the company meets various criteria.

Labour agreements can either be industry or company specific. Currently the following industries have Labour Agreements in place:

  • dairy
  • fishing
  • meat
  • minister of religion
  • on-hire
  • pork
  • restaurant (fine dining)
  • advertising
  • horticulture

Other types of Labour Agreement include:

Designated Area Labour Agreements

For employers experiencing skills shortages that are based in a designated region. There are currently 5 regions that have agreements in place:

  • Northern Territory
  • Goldfields, WA
  • South Coast, VIC
  • Adelaide and Regional SA
  • Far North Queensland (Cairns)


Project Agreements

For specific projects related to resource or infrastructure projects


Global Talent Scheme (GTS) Agreements

For employers with highly skilled niche positions that cannot be accessed through the local labour market

Adrian Felton

Migration Consultant (MARN:0105680)

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