What methods does the government use to help determine which occupations should be given priority for migration and visa purposes?


The Government established the National Skills Commission (NSC) in July 2020 in order to provide expert advice provides expert advice on Australia’s labour market and current and future workforce skills needs.

The National Skills Commission has released its first national assessment of the Australians labour market analysis on occupations through the Skills Priority List.

The list provides a current labour market rating and a future demand rating for occupations nationally, with current labour market ratings also available at a state and territory level.

Each occupation is given an indicative future demand rating (strong, moderate or soft) to indicate the likely demand for the occupation over the coming five-year period, which is aimed at providing a guide for government and DHA planning.

The lists further break the demand into state and territories, those shortages restricted to metropolitan (M) or regional (R) areas and no shortages (NS).

The list incorporates a wide range of data, including ABS Labour Force Surveys, Internet Vacancy Indices, and Dept of Home Affairs (DHA) Temporary Skilled visa grant numbers.

The NSC will be regularly reviewing and providing input to the compilation of the Department of Home Affairs skilled occupation lists.​​​​

The NSC Skills Priority List will be updated annually and is publicly available for government agencies and stakeholders use.

The detail provided in the Skills Priority List has the potential to improve the development of the migration occupation lists with its detailed and thorough approach, and could provide important insights for employers wishing to access the employer sponsored migration program.

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