Migration Services


At BDWelsh & Co we understand that moving your business to a new country, and often your family too, is a major life change.

We use our deep knowledge of Australia’s laws, regulations and processes related to migration to help individuals and companies. We also stay across all changes and even potential changes to provide Migration Services on a par with the largest advisory and law firms but delivered with a more personal touch.  

Adrian Felton leads BDWelsh & Co’s migration services, which includes the processing of the full range of visas. A Registered Migration Agent, Adrian’s 15 years working in migration services, includes extensive experience in:

  • Consultation in regard to a wide range of visas, with a specialisation in business sponsored visas and work visas
  • Processing and managing visa and sponsorship for companies, private clients and small businesses
  • Reviewing and advising clients during the visa application process
  • Representing clients in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Federal Court, and through Ministerial Intervention

Adrian has worked closely with clients from Japan and other counties, in a Japanese owned company based in Sydney. He applies the BDWelsh & Co approach of working closely with clients.

BDWelsh & Co can handle any issue, no matter the size or complexity. Because we are experts in our field, we also offer fast response times with most queries responded to within 24 hours.

Plus our team includes Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish speakers. 

[Clients should note that the processing times of the sponsored visa program (Subclass 482) in Australia has been significantly reduced since the s482 visa replaced the old s457 visa.]

The following is a list of the core migration services we can provide to our clients:

Business and Independent Visas:

Subclass 482 (TSS Visa) Employer sponsored temporary work visas

Temporary work(Subclass 400)

Training visas (Subclass 407)

Permanent Employer Sponsored Migration

General Skilled Migration

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa.

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa.

Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Visa.

Business Owner and Investor visas

Distinguished Talent visas

Significant Investor Visas 

188 Significant Investor Stream (provisional)

188 Premium Investor Stream (provisional)

Family Visas

Partner (Provisional and Migrant) visa (subclass 309 100)

Partner visa (subclass 820 801)

Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)

Child visa (subclass 101)

Child visa (subclass 802)

Remaining Relative visa (subclass 115)

Remaining Relative visa (subclass 835

Dependent Child visa (subclass 445)

Other pathways to permanent residency

Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.