Reduce your auditing fees by engaging our experienced team led by Brian Welsh, who has 30 years experience, including 13 years working with Big 4 firms.

BDWelsh & Co can apply our expertise to any company from any industry to carry out a company audit or assurance audit.

We believe that auditing is not just about good governance. It’s a vital tool for benchmarking and improving the performance of your business.

Our auditing experts at BDWelsh & Co regard a quality audit as one that goes beyond just helping our clients meet all statutory requirements. We believe auditing is an important tool for developing your big-picture strategy. Auditing results should also inform significant decisions made by a business around whether to restructure its organisational initiatives and activities.

BDWelsh & Co’s auditing practice offers advantages other firms don’t including:

Solutions tailored to your business

We believe it’s imperative the auditor assigned to your business is not only technically competent but has a thorough understanding of your organisation. We assign the time and resources needed to gain a thorough understanding of your business and industry and also the associated risks.

Meticulous planning, expert execution and strong communication

The audit we prepare is grounded on a competent understanding of your requirements and the key risks you face.

We strive to avoid uncertainty by anticipating factors that may present difficulties. We work closely with your staff to resolve any problems as soon as identified and anticipate and prepare for predictable issues.

Regular communication with management is a critical part of our work and takes place throughout the audit procedure.

Practical recommendations

We draw on our deep knowledge to ensure you comply with all regulatory obligations. We also tell you about all the relevant business, financial and commercial issues affecting your business.